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Shine Skin Pack comes in a variety of 15 colors: CadetBlue, DarkCyan, Green, Grey, HotPink, Orange, Orchid, Peru, RoyalBlue, Scarlet, SeaGreen, SlateBlue, SteelBlue, Tomato, YellowGreen.
Comes two skin width options: 960px 1024px wide. You can change the skin width easily.
Comes with 2 different layouts: Layout01 includes 10 Content Pane Positions and Layout02 with 13 Content Pane Positions.
9 matching containers in each color skin, giving a total of 135 containers, included a rotatory banner container which you can make banner rotate easily.
Compatible with DNN 5.x and DNN 6.x. Guaranteed to work with future versions aswell.
Compatible with the W3C XHTML/CSS standards and use DNN Standard Menu which is very good for your website SEO.
Tested in and works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera, Safari and Chrome.
Please let me know if you have any questions about this skin. Our e-mail: