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Friday, December 19, 2014
InterWeb skin Pack comes in a variety of 12 colors: Blue, Brown, DarkBlue, Green, Grey, Purple, Red, SeaGreen, Slate, Turquoise, Violet, YellowGreen.
Comes 2 menu options in lastest version: DNN Standard Menu and DNN Mega Menu. Both menus are very good for website SEO.
Comes 2 width options in lastest version: 900px 1024px wide. You can change the width easily.
6 matching containers in each color scheme, giving a total of 72 containers, included a rotatory banner container in lastest version.
Comes with 2 different layouts: Layout01 includes 7 Content Pane Positions and Layout02 with 11 Content Pane Positions.
Compatible with DNN 4.x, DNN 5.x and DNN 6.x. Compatible with the W3C XHTML/CSS standards which help your site SEO friendly.
Browser Compatibility

This skin works with these browsers:

1.Internet Explorer
2.Mozilla Firefox
3.Netscape & Safari
4.Opera & Chrome

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